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Kermit alias cyclefrog alias Fellfresse alias Bernardo alias Kegelpräser a.D. alias

I'm Kermit the frog - applause, applause, applause -, you know me from the papers, radio and TV. Here you'll see a very personal picture of mine, let's say my inner values.

I'm studying computer science at the Technical University of Clausthal, but spend most of my time travelling, by bike if at all possible. If I'll have a job one day I'd like to link work with travelling. My first attempt to do so was when I was in Spain for 3/4 of a year trying to work. In that time this wonderfull snapshot was taken. Then in 2002/03 after finishing my diploma exams I workinged in Mexico for one and a half years.

Now I'm looking for a new job in which I hope to be able to live as many of my interests as possible.

Curriculum Vitae

The Clausthal - Casablanca Project

These are things I fill up my spare time with:



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[The Fool] on the Hill

Some of my opinions

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